E-bike light
Anti-glare lense design
Max lumens: 1600 lumens
Voltage: 5V-15V DC

LED type: 2*Samsung LH351D LED

Mode: 25%-50%-100%-flash
With thermostat chip to protect the light from over-heating
Accessories: Aluminum Handlebar GoPro Bracket (31.8MM) + Aluminum Fork GoPro holder and nuts and screws
Cable length: 130CM
Waterproof level: IP65


Power Indicator: When the input voltage is less than 6.5V, the power indicator shows red. But, it doesn't mean your battery is low voltage if the input voltage for the light is set to 6V or less. 


Our e-bike lights are powered by the motor of an e-bike and need to be manually installed. Proper installation may require some disassembly of the bike and motor (depending on make and model battery type) and additional wiring to connect the light to the motor. Please contact the e-bike or motor manufacturer for installation instructions. It is highly recommended to have a trained e-bike professional install your lights for you.